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Night Skies Alien Window.JPG
An Alien peering into one of the RV's windows.
Species: Grey alien
Weapons: Destructive light beams
Natural weapons/powers: Ability to disguise themselves as humans
Status: Alive
Media information
First appearance: Night Skies

This race of hostile intelligent grey aliens were featured in the film Night Skies. They are said to have piloted the UFO which caused the famous Phoenix Lights in Phoenix, Arizona.


Their bodies are somewhat slender and very tall with shriveled purplish skin. They have long necks and large heads with large bug eyes. Their appear resembles that of a commonly described grey alien. Their faces are very menacing in appearance and have shriveled bangs under them which matches the rest of their shriveled and unhealthy-appearing skin. They are shown to move very fast as they are able to move away quick enough to avoid a person detecting them, and as well are incredibly strong,


the film shows these aliens abduct certain travelers or stranded motorists as their victims for reasons unknown, and might have been doing it for decades or even centuries, they would slowly follow or pace a vehicle with a ship or ships resembling a row of lights, they intentionally make themselves known to distract the occupants probably to cause an accident, as they quickly disperse before the RV crashes.

Night Skies

in the begining of the film, it starts showing a woman running in panic through the woods at night, being pursued by the aliens, as she hears their chittering getting closer, she end sup running towards a cabin, and bangs the door for help. while desperately trying to get in, an alien is seen in the reflection of the shiny hubcap beside the door slowly approaching her, she manages to open the door, and closes it behind her, but something bashes the door open, and she reacts in terror. The aliens did not appear until sometime near the middle of the film. However, the famous Phoenix Lights appeared near the beginning of the film, which was most likely the aliens' spacecraft, as well as another UFO disguised as a star which quickly streaks away later in the film.

During the Phoenix Lights scene, the lights were pacing the RV, which the characters in the RV notice. The character Matt (who was driving the RV) loses focus on the road by watching the lights formation (which immediately separate and disperse) and crashes nearly hitting a stalled truck, Within minutes after the accident, while tending to Joe's wound (who was impaled by a knife during the accident), the aliens already arrive and are hiding in the woods watching the characters. Overtime the aliens continue to stay hidden watching the group, including one looking through a window and vanishing without notice. After Matt spots movement in the woods he investigates, and the aliens are seen blended in with the woods making them difficult to locate.

Due to joe's condition worsening due to blood loss, Matt decides to go find help, and demands Richard to come along, Matt and Richard follow a telephone line into the woods, to see if it leads up to a local residence or a place that has a working phone. While hearing an odd electrical hum, Both men begin to chat about their history of their love life, s Richard describes a former lover, he discovers Matt has disappeared. he calls out to him to no avail. Richard becomes frightened, while hears bizarre Chittering sounds all around him One of the Aliens sneaks up from behind Richard, Richard reacts in terror of the sight of the hideous face of the creature, falling down in the process, and take his gun out in defense, only to find the creature gone. Richard, in a panic, shines a flashlight into the woods, which reveals two aliens. while seeing things everywhere he looks, he open fires at a alien standing behind him. but is horrified that he has shot Matt point blank. (the aliens seemingly telepathically gave Richard the illusion that Matt was one of the lingering aliens) . Richard tries to help Matt, and Matt dies from his gunshot wound. Richard leans against a tree in grief. Richard later returns to the RV the and tells them of the aliens although doesn't tell them of Matt's fate despite their protests. Richard tires to regain his composure, receiving flash backs, spotting an alien before it darts away very quickly. the RV radio begins turning static and very loud, Matt's sister beocmes hysterical, desperate to turn it off. they suddenly hear Matt's voice outside. they look outside for him. when turinging the lights, an alien is standing in front of the window, watching the people, before moving away quickly to avoid detection, Molly spots Matt out the window stumbling towards the RV, crying to Molly for help. June looks seconds after and does not see him. Molly quickly goes outside to find Matt, Richard tries to stop her, but fails to do so, Molly runs to spot where she seen matt, but is no longer there, but begins to hear Matt's voice whispering her name in different directions, but does not see him anywhere, the RV lights die, and molly is sucked up violently by a bright green light, ( either another illusion from the aliens or an alien who has taken Matts shape and form to lure molly outside).

Lily and Richard run back into RV, Richard closes the curtains to the windows, and senses an unseen force rapidly approaching the front window, making him react by firing his gun at the window, the RV is shook violently, they hear the Chittering sounds of the aliens walking on the roof of the RV, June tells lilly that Joe has stopped breathing, then the window shatters behind her as she is violently sucked out of it.Lilly reacts in terror, and Richard tries to wake up Joe, who has succumbed to his injury, two aliens peer in the back window, which Lilly spots them and runs out the RV and into the woods, Richard reacts in fear and falls to the floor while the 2 aliens crawl into the RV. the windows implode shattering glass falling all over Richard as he crawls to get his gun, then runs out of the RV, while the 2 aliens peer over Joes body examining it, Lilly and Richard run off separately through the dark woods, and eventually find an old cabin with running power. (this scene being the same scene from the beginning of the film) Lilly pounds on the door begging someone to let her in, as she does, something begins approaching her from behind, this time no alien is seen in the reflection of hubcap beside the door, but as Richard pops up in the hubcap, Lilly manages to oopen the door, and tries to hold it shut, but Richard bashes it open,Richard has Lilly look at him, and tells her that the aliens are getting in their heads, making them have visual and auditory hallucinations, Richard calms Lilly, (this shows that Lilly thought Richard was an alien following her, explaining the reflection from the first secene waa only a hallucination, trying to trick Lilly to separate from Richard, the aliens used the same trick to make Richard shoot Matt) while inside the Cabin, the 2 are shocked to find all the windows boarded up with wooden planks, (hinting that aliens have abducted other victims before then and people have attempted to keep them out by hiding in the cabin and boarding it up to to keep the aliens out) after lifting a heavy table to wedge the door shut, Richard explains that the Matt they saw was not Matt at all, but one of the aliens, or a hallucination too lure and trap Molly like a fish on a hook, and were attempting to do the same to Lilly. the aliens pound on the door violently, then the power goes out in the cabin, they hear aliens walking all over the roof, Lilly and Richard lean down in a corner, the planks windows implode, breaking them into multiple pieces, Richard and Lilly hide in the corner, hoping to use the darkness to avoid being spotted, the aliens slowly began making their way in, they all observe the surroundings of the cabin, at first, they don't seem to notice the them hiding, but eventually see them, and begin to move closer, seeing the aliens aproaching, Richard fires his gun at the aproaching aliens, and shoots one of them down, possibly killing it, the closest alien responds back with aggressive chittering, then grabs Richard by the leg, making him drop his gun, and drags him out through another door way, Lilly grabs the gun and makes a run for it, as one alien begins to pursue her, As Lilly runs through a massive green light slowly sucks up the roof of the cabin and destroys the rest of it. While running, Lilly trips over a barbwire fence and cuts her leg severely, she tries to crawl to richards gun she dropped, only to be pulled away from it by a chittering alien standing behind her, then the alien drags her away while she screams out.

Richard later awoke in an organic chamber and found Lilly having her three month-old human fetus being removed by the aliens.after finding her babay has been taken, Lillt begs Richard to kill her. Richard shoots lilly with his last bullet, The aliens soon restrain Richard and begin to operate on him. The aliens place a slime-like substance on Richard's chest which makes his chest become transparent and his organs accessible, (which resulted in painful shrieks by Richard) this causes Richard to scream in pain as the aliens access his internal organs, followed by violently shoving a tentacle in his nostrils and violently pulled out. which causes RIchard to bleed, he is then flipped over, and make his back transparent, which several slimy vines enter and go through RIchards spine, which richard coughs up blood, and then passes out, A week later, a police officer finds an unconscious Richard half buried in dirt, when he inspects Richard he finds no pulse on Richards neck and radios dispatch for 10 52, Richard springs back to consciousness grabbing the cop's arm in a state of panic. The Rigorous Torture from aliens was so traumatizing to Richard that it rendered him in a semi catatonic state for approximately a year, the Aliens also seemingly covered up evidence of their attack, as they removed the bodies of Joe and Matt, and the RV itself was not found, it is unknown what the aliens did to Molly and June after their abduction, as they were never seen or heard from again, they too were possibly were experimented on and killed, or even harvested.

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