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A prop of a Roswell alien.
Species: Gliese grey aliens
Status: Unknown (presumed alive)
Media information
First appearance: Roswell

This race of grey aliens appeared in the film Roswell, also known as Roswell: The UFO Cover-Up. They were supposedly captured by the government along with their UFO after they crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.[1]

In real life that race of grey alien called Gliese grey.They are super inteligent.They created Asian humans.


They look very similar to a grey alien. Their heads are large and appear is if they have a very large cranium, or brain. Their basic facial features are very small except for their eyes which are large, but squinted. Their mouths have very bright pink lips and their necks are very thin and tall.

They seem to have muscular upper bodies. Although, their muscles are not very noticeable. Their limbs are very skinny, with skinny arms longer than their legs with slightly webbed hands. Their legs are skinny as well, yet slightly shorter than their arms.


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