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Scary Movie Aliens.jpg
Species: Grey alien
Status: Alive
Media information
Voiced by: Tom Kenny
Portrayed by: Edward Moss
Michael Jackson
First appearance: Scary Movie 3
Last appearance: Scary Movie 3.5 (DVD)
"If you think that's strange, you should see how we pee!"
―One of the aliens from Scary Movie 3 [src]

These Aliens are a race of grey aliens that were featured in the film Scary Movie 3 and the DVD Scary Movie 3.5.


Scary Movie 3

The aliens came to Earth and made a crop circle on a farm with the text "attack here" with an arrow pointing to the farm. Three videos of the aliens were shown on a news channel soon after. The first video showed an alien walking through a farm field while two horses were pooping. The second video showed an alien walking a few feet away from two dogs. And finally, the third video showed an alien within a crowd of humans at a party.

Later in the film, the aliens strangled several other characters until one of the other characters knocked off one of the aliens' heads. One of the aliens soon revealed that strangling others is the way that they say "hello". They also say goodbye by kicking others in the crotch and pee through their fingers. The aliens revealed that their race was in danger of dying because of some girl whom the other characters destroyed, hence saving their species and leaving Earth soon before saying goodbye to another one of the characters by, once again, kicking him in the crotch.


  • There is a blue alien that appears on the poster and DVD cover of Scary Movie 3, but not in the film.
  • There are more aliens that appear in Scary Movie 4, but they are all from other films.
  • A long alternative ending was to actually make the aliens hostile and they began attacking the main characters. However several of the creatures were defeated by the Hulk, before fleeing the earth. Their appearances in this different ending is slightly modified and they look meaner than their appearance in the actual film.

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