Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter
The bounty hunter shows his true face.
Species: Colonist
Home world: Colonization
Natural weapons/powers: Acidic virus blood
Status: Alive
Media information
Portrayed by: Brian Thompson
Various actors
First appearance: Colony
Last appearance: Without

A Bounty Hunter is a member of the Colonist Alien race. They often assume the form of humans as a means of disuse.


The bounty hunters' job is to destroy all Alien-human hybrids created by the Colonists as a result of being infected by the Purity. Bounty hunters have acidic green blood like that of the Xenomorph species rather than black Purity. The bounty hunters' blood can be, like the Purity, a lethal virus if exposed to a human. In addition, their blood can also turn human blood into a jelly-like substance[1].

They are sometimes confused with the Alien Rebels having similar appearances when a bounty hunter is in disguised as a human. The difference being that Alien Rebels have no facial features to avoid being infected by the Purity and oppose the plans of the Colonists while the bounty hunters support them.

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