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Hero Factory Brain.jpg
Species: N/A
Home world: Unknown
Natural weapons/powers: Ability to turn primitive life evil and take complete control of it
Status: Alive
Media information
First appearance: Hero Factory: Brain Attack

A Brain is a lab-spawned insect-like Alien creature with the ability to take control of the minds of primitive life and act as the life's brain. Since primitive life is said to be lower in intelligence, the Brains can take complete control of it and act as the life's brain.

When a Brain attaches itself to a life form, it causes the life form to become more fearsome in appearance and since the Brain's eyes replace the life forms normal eyes, they appear glowing red. The life form may also gain more armor once the Brain has attached itself.

All of the Brains are spawned in a place known as the Brain Factory by an unknown villain who launches them throughout space in small vehicles that resemble a cross between a test tube and a rocket ship.


The top of the Brains actual resemble an real human brain and atop each Brain are two red spikes. Their eyes are glowing red with small, sharp, white teeth. Each Brain has three legs on each side and six legs altogether which are very insect like. The fact that the Brains have six legs may support the theory that they are a cross between an insect and a brain. They have tails with spikes and can change color once they have attached themselves to a victim.

Known victims

The Brains generally only attempt to take control of the minds of primitive life with low intelligence. However, in Hero Factory: Brain Attack one Brain takes over Mark Surge's mind.

Other known victims of the Brains include:

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