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Deacon clear.png
Species: Xenomorph (assumed)
Home world: LV-223
Natural weapons/powers: Teeth
Pointed head which resembles a bishop's hat
Status: Alive
Media information
First appearance: Prometheus

Deacon, also known as the Proto-Xenomorph and the Ultra-Morph, is a Xenomorph-like creature born from an Engineer impregnated by the Trilobite. The Deacon made its debut in a pre-credits scene in the 2012 film Prometheus. Although it has yet to be confirmed if the Deacon is of any genetic relation to the Xenomorph, it can easily be assumed that the two species are related due to their similarity in appearance and their life cycles.


The Deacon bares a distinct appearance very similar to the classic Xenomorph, albeit with an erect bipedal posture which bucks tradition of the Xenomorph. Unlike the Xenomorph species, the Deacon has an elongated head that ends in a point. The creature's pointed head resembles a bishop's mitre, hence its namesake of "Deacon". Like the Xenomorph, the Deacon has no eyes. The Deacon has three sets of teeth: the first set of teeth on the upper jaw strongly resemble human teeth and the set of teeth on the bottom jaw are pointed. The Deacon's third set of teeth slide forward and out of the mouth and are pointed like the teeth on the Deacon's lower jaw. The Deacon is a distinct blue in appearance, with an almost metallic reflection on its skin.



Deacon materialized after bursting out of the chest of an Engineer on one the USCSS Prometheus' escape pods on LV-223. Deacon is said to be born fully evolved as an adult. But since an adult version of Deacon has yet to be seen, it is unknown if that is true. Deacon was the result of the Trilobite impregnating an Engineer on board the escape pod.

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