Fire in the Sky Alien
Fire in the Sky Alien.jpg
An Alien examining Travis Walton in Fire in the Sky.
Species: Alien
Weapons: Probes
Status: Alive
Media information
First appearance: Fire in the Sky

This race of Aliens was featured in the 1993 film Fire in the Sky inspired by the alleged abduction of Travis Walton.

Fire in the Sky

The Aliens first appeared after Travis Walton was abducted. When Travis regains consciousness, hours or possibly even days after he was taken, he finds himself inside a womb-like cocoon or organic pod filled with a slimy, jelly-like substance. Curious to know where he is, Travis breaks free from the pod, looking for a way to escape. He quickly learns there is no gravity in the environment, and as he attempts to explore his surroundings, Travis finds other pods filled with the decomposing corpses of other human beings. Terrified, he begins to panic but is eventually found by the Aliens who drag him down long corridors of the spacecraft where he is taken to an examination room to have test or operations performed on him. He is put on an examination table and the Aliens take all his clothes off. Once naked, the Aliens throw a rubber-type, elastic sheet over his entire body which tightly pins him to the table. Unable to move, the Aliens observe him with great curiosity and disdain. They finally subject him to painful probe tests with an elaborate machine that injects a needle into his eye which causes him to lose consciousness. When Travis awakens again, he is confused and disoriented but discovers he is back on earth.

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