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Genetic Xenomorph
Genetic Xenomorph.jpg
A genetic Xenomorph as seen in Alien Resurrection.
Species: Xenomorph
Natural weapons/powers: Claws
Acid blood
Status: Deceased
Media information
Voiced by: Joan LaBarbara

Archie Hahn

Portrayed by: Tom Woodruff Jr.

David Prior

First appearance: Alien Resurrection

A Genetic Xenomorph is a species of Xenomorph spawned from the Xenomorph Queen Chestburster taken from the eighth clone of Ellen Ripley. The genetic Xenomorphs made their first and only appearance in the fourth film in the Alien franchise, Alien Resurrection.


The genetic Xenomorph species strongly resembles that of the Xenomorph Drone, only with a more brownish-green insect-like color to their skin rather than black and double-jointed animal-like legs. The genetic Xenomorphs have a smooth carapace like that of the original Xenomorph, the Lurker dubbed "The Alien, and like The Alien, some of the detail to their skull can be seen up close. However, their carapaces have a darker lair of skin and are not completely transparent like that of The Alien. They have longer and thinner spike-like tubes on their backs than any other Xenomorph, other than the Queens, and have longer limbs which add to their more animal-like appearance. They have large hands with two fingers and pairs of thumbs.

The genetic Xenomorphs have human rib cage-like armor that only seems to cover their chests instead of down to their bellies like other Xenomorphs and they seem to have more rugged and wrinkled areas of their bodies which resemble human skin. The appearance of the genetic Xenomorphs being more human-like is most likely the result of them being spawned from the eighth clone of Ellen Ripley who's DNA was slightly mixed with the Queen Chestburster that was inside of her. The genetic Xenomorphs, in addition to their longer limbs, have longer and seemingly thicker tails.

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