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Hill 611 UFO crash
Hill 611 UFO.jpg
Photograph of the alleged UFO.
Date January 29, 1986
Location Dalnegorsk, Russia
Status Credible

On 29 January 1986, local residents of the small town of Dalnegorsk, Russia noticed a small red ball hovering in the area at around 2000 hours. Witnesses say that the ball appeared to be flying parallel to the ground and that there was no sound heard. The object was reported to be flying about 1/2 mile above ground when the object neared Hill 611, started to descend (controlled or uncontrolled descent?) and then subsequently crashed into the hill.

Descriptions of the descent to Hill 611 differ from witness to witness. Some stated the object clearly crashed, fell in an uncontrolled manner, crashing into Hill 611 in a flash of light (probable explosion?). Others claimed it varied in altitude above the hill, giving off light of different intensities as it gained and lost altitude (pilot trying to regain control of ship?) prior to the crash.

About 3 days after the crash a group of scientists led by Valery Dvuzhilny found the the probable crash site on Hill 611. It was reported to be approximately 3m square and reports indicate the ground within the site had been charred due to exposure to very high temperatures. The rocks at the impact site were covered with a black film and remains of a burned tree were found within the landing ground.

Various evidence of "alien remains/activity" were reported to be found. Surrounding rocks had deposits of a "silver metal" which was determined to be common lead. There are also reports (unconfirmed) of other materials being recovered including an "alien mesh" (part of the crashed UFO's construction?) containing high levels of gold and other rare terrestrial elements.

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