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Kalenia 1 (1)

They come from constellation Aquila,star Tarazed.

They have colonized 3 planets and have a life span of 150 years.

They are often sighted in northern Africa and the Sahara region.

First visited Earth around 300 BC.

They do not conduct abductions.

Main interest about Earth: minerals.

Last sighted in 2003 near a volcano in Iceland.

System original constellation: the constellation Aquila (Aquila) Tarazed star.


There are three colonies and have a lifespan of up to 150 years.

Regularly seen in South Africa and the Sahara region.

The first time they came to earth as circa 300 AD.

There are no actions to kidnap any person.

The purpose of their top concerns in the earth's mineral resources.

Last "be seen": in 2003 near the volcano in Iceland.