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Little green men
A CGI generated rendering of a green alien.
Other names Green alien
Country United States
First report Unconfirmed
Last reported Unconfirmed
Status Active

"Little green men" (also known as LGM) is a nickname given to aliens in science fiction and sometimes in children's stories. The name "little green men" comes from the concept of aliens being the color green. Green aliens typically only appear in works of fiction, such as Looney Tunes which featured a green martian named Marvin the Martian, and Invader ZIM which features green-skinned aliens called Irkens.


The name "little green men" also came from being used as a reference to aliens during the alleged UFO sightings in 1950. The Kelly-Hopkinsville sighting on August 21, 1955 claimed that two rural Kentucky men described an encounter with 3-4 foot tall metallic silver humanoid-looking aliens. Many newspapers used the term "little green men" in the writing of the story.[1]

Green aliens are known more commonly to children's cartoons and comics. The greens are more fictional, though they are a common alien description next to the grey aliens. Green aliens also appear more commonly in movies, however it would seem that that only occurs most in children's movies. The concept of aliens being green most likely comes from the theory that aliens can produce slime.

Green aliens have been known to be friendly in some cases such as the Little Green Men from Toys Story and other children's cartoons. The conclusion that aliens are green may come from the rumor that some aliens are slimy, as this may cause their green appearance. Others say that it is their lack-of-Earth-oxygen that causes them to look green. Green aliens are known commonly to have big black eyes and long fingers.

Another possibility of aliens' skin being the color green could mean that the aliens' skin is actually scale-like, resembling that of an Earth reptile. These creatures are called reptoids