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Species: Martian
Home world: Mars
Media information
Voiced by: Dee Bradley Baker (2005 film)
First appearance: The War of the Worlds

This race of martian creatures are a hostile and sadistic race of aliens that invaded the planet Earth in H. G. Wells original novel The War of the Worlds.

They appeared later in the original film The War of the Worlds and in several attempted remakes with the same story only changed appearances, included among one of the most successful remakes in 2005.


The War of the Worlds (1953)

One UFO that was sent by the martians crash landed on Earth. When a group of men came to investigate the strange object, the UFO beamed a red beam at them which caused them to disappear into thin air. The martians later began a full-scale invasion over Earth until they were killed by human germs and bacteria.

The War of the Worlds (2005)

A martian as seen in one of the 2005 remakes.

In one of the 2005 remakes, the martians invaded planet Earth in large tripods. The lasers from these tripods could launch beams of energy that could completely destroy a human being at the second the beam hit an object.

The martians appeared to have somewhat squid-like heads like that of the aliens from Independence Day, only they had only one leg with three toes, four arms, one pair small and one pair large like that of the Xenomorph Queen, and they had black bug eyes like that of a typical grey alien. They, like in the original film, soon died of exposure to Earth bacteria of which they were not immune to.

Other remakes

The martian appeared later in several attempted remakes of the original film. They basically had the same role as the primary antagonists, but with changed appearances which made them look more frightening and instead of driving UFOs, the martians drove large tripods.

Another race of octopus-like martians appeared in another low-budget unsuccessful remake where they landed in sphere-like pods which converted into tripods. Their mirror-like lasers burned the area around them completely and could turn a human being into nothing but a skeleton. These Aliens appeared more like the ones illustrated on the cover of one of H. G. Wells' original The War of the Worlds novels.

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