Mr. Wu
Mr. Wu.png
Species: Unknown
Home world: Unknown
Status: Presumed alive (alternate timeline)
Media information
Portrayed by: Keone Young
First appearance: Men in Black 3

Mr. Wu was a minor character in Men in Black 3. He was the owner of a restaurant in Manhattan's Chinatown named Wu's Diamond Garden. Mr. Wu apparently had a reputation with the Men in Black, as he was notorious for selling extraterrestrial food to his customers while passing it off as genuine Earth food.


Men in Black 3

Mr. Wu first appeared after Agent J and Agent K went to his restaurant after hearing reports of his customers suffering from extraterrestrial intestinal worms. When the two agents arrived, Mr. Wu offered them a table, but they simply stood there in silence. K demanded that Wu show them the tanks in the back, but Wu was reluctant and suggested that they should leave. However, J eventually persuaded him. When J and K investigated the kitchen, they found multiple alien creatures being prepared in Wu's restaurant, one of which was Spiky Bulba. Wu claimed that Spiky Bulba was an Earth fish, and that arresting him for serving it would be a hate crime. K then flipped off Wu's hat and ripped off his apron, revealing that Wu was also an alien. When K questioned him about who the Spiky Bulba was for, Wu claimed that he kept the alien just in case. However, K didn't buy this and continued to violently slap Wu with the Spiky Bulba. Just as K was about to deliver a potentially fatal blow, J calmed him down and apologized to Wu for his partner's behavior. Thankful, Wu offered J some of his noodles, though J declined this offer as he wasn't a fan of Wu's noodles.

Later, Boris the Animal arrived to secure his order of Spiky Bulba and killed Mr. Wu off-screen, leaving his dead body for Agent K to discover. Since Agent J traveled back in time to kill both the younger and elder Boris, it is highly likely that Mr. Wu is now alive and well in the alternate timeline.

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