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Paul seperate from BG
"It's probing time!"
Species: Grey Alien
Home world: Unknown, M class planet in Andromeda galaxy
Weapons: None
Natural weapons/powers: Mind Flashing
Status: Alive
Media information
Voiced by: Seth Rogen
First appearance: Paul, 2011

Paul was an Alien character from the 2011 film Paul.


Paul first appeared in the film (PAUL) when two British nerds, Graeme Willy (Simon Pegg) and Clive Gollings (Nick Frost), were driving along extraterrestrial highway in an RV during there visit to the black mail box. They see a vehicles's headlights behind them thinking that it is the rednecks chasing them after they wrecked their car with their RV at Little A'Le'Inn in 9631 Old Mill St, Alamo, NV 89001. Willy and Gollings speed up to avoid being accused of denting the car. However, the car that they thought were the rednecks really weren't. After the car wrecked they called help from authorities, discovering it was an Alien escaping from Area 51 telling them it was a bad idea to call for authorities help.

Clive faints and pisses his pants as they encounter Paul in shock discovering Aliens or Extraterrestrials are real . As Paul asks Graeme for his help he says he has a tight schedule then he tells him sometimes you just have to roll the dice in response of interrupting his vacation to get home. Graeme decides to help Paul get back to his home after trying to seek out help from Graeme then they help drag Clive who pissed his pants in shock of Paul's encounter back into the RV. Clive then later on wakes up in the RV still freaked out about the event sees Paul then pretends he's asleep trying to be stealthy on Paul after he returns to his seat. Clive then strangles Paul in confusion thinking he's a bad Alien when Graeme tells him he's an Alien who needs help escaping from being kidnapped by a similar Men in Black figure and that he lives on an M Class planet in the Andromeda Galaxy.

About Paul

Paul is the classic Grey Alien we've come to know as the classics, coming from an M class Planet in a Spiral Arm of the Andromeda Galaxy. Paul has been living in Area 51 for the last 60 years, and has been greatly influencing human pop culture via technological communication. (phones, emails, etc.)

Paul's Abilities

Paul has quite a few unique abilities, including a flash of knowledge, a form of healing (though the wound may possibly bounce back onto him) and a form of camouflage that can only be enacted when Paul is holding his breath.


Paul was filmed at the locations of:

(Extraterrestrial Highway)

(Little A'Le'Inn)

(Devils Tower)

(Black Mailbox)

(Roswell, New Mexico UFO Sighting)

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