Reed Case
Reed Alien hoax.jpg
Photo of the alleged alien.
Date October 15, 1996
Location Seattle, Washington
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Notable eyewitnesses Johnathan Reed
Alleged alien(s) involved Grey
Status Proven a hoax

The Reed Case was an alleged encounter with an extraterrestrial being fabricated by John Bradley Rutter, going under the alternate identity "Dr. Johnathan Reed". The story became popular across the UFO and alien research community for many years, but was ultimately exposed as hoax.



In 1996, Dr. Jonathan Reed claims that his dog went missing one day. Reed went out into the woods near his home to see if he could find the dog. When he went into the woods, he found a floating UFO in the shape of a spike. Reed went back inside to get his video camera and began filming the incident. He then saw the alien grab his dog by both jaws, snapping them apart. As a result, the dog turned to white ash, but this was never recorded on film. In retaliation, Reed took a tree branch and threw it at the alien, weakening it.

Reed then brought the alien inside and tried to take a nap, but found himself unable to due to the tension of the incident. Reed decided to do an autopsy of the alien and filmed the alleged examination. Later, "mysterious white vans" arrived and took the alien and most of Reed's evidence.

Exposed as a hoax

In a 2010 episode of the series Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, the Fact or Faked team was able to duplicate the entire Reed video nearly shot-to-shot. Since this did not entirely eliminate the authenticity of Reed's original footage, the team decided to do a voice stress test on Reed himself. The test ultimately prove that Reed was extremely deceptive about the incident. While this doesn't entirely prove it to be a hoax, all of the evidence points to fraud and the alien research community has accepted the Reed video as a fake.

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