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A Runner as seen in Alien 3.
Species: Xenomorph
Home world: Fiorina 161
Natural weapons/powers: Teeth
Inner jaws
Status: Deceased
Media information
Portrayed by: Tom Woodruff, Jr
First appearance: Alien 3

A Runner, also referred to as a Dog Alien and an Ox Alien[1] is a species of Xenomorph spawned from a quadruped life form. The first of the Runners made an appearance in the third film of the Alien legacy, Alien 3 where it was there that on the prison planet known as Fiorina 161, that a ship crashed containing a Facehugger that impregnated a dog known as Spike with a Runner dubbed "The Dragon".

Several Runners were also featured in the Aliens versus Predator 2 video game released in 2001


The Runner species is very similar to that of a Xenomorph Drone or genetic Xenomorph, having the same smooth head crest and posture of an animal. They walk on all four limbs most of the time like a dog since they birth from and hence their nickname, but can walk on two legs like that of human spawned Xenomorphs. They have a more animal-like posture and their heads appear as one shape rather than the appearance of a skull and a long extending head stretching out from the back like that of the Lurker and Warrior ranks of the species. They are also one of the few Xenomorphs without dorsal tubes.


Alien 3

Ripley and Newt escaped, but crash landed on a prison planet. Before crashing, a Queen Facehugger impregnated Ripley with a Queen Chestburster. All of the crew died except for Ripley who was recovered by some of the prison planet's workers. One of the worker's dog, named Spike, investigated the crashed ship and a Facehugger attacked him.

Spike later returned to the prison where he experienced convulsions and a four-legged Xenomorph known as the Runner bursted from him while Ripley was attending Newt and another man's funeral. During the creature's birth, the Queen inside of Ripley gave her a bloody nose which was a sign that it sensed another of it's kind's birth. The Runner later molted after causing one of the workers to die and wreaked havoc on the prison until Ripley killed it by covering in hot lead and showering it with water.

Aliens versus Predator 2

They also appear in that game.

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