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Spiky Bulba served-up for Boris the Animal.

Spiky Bulba is an alien who appeared in the 2012 film Men in Black 3. His name is used both to refer to his species and his individual character. Spiky Bulba was also heavily used in promotional material for the film, mainly advertisements for Dunkin' Donuts' limited-time MIB-themed iced coffee and doughnuts. There was also a faux newspaper article detailing a supposed sighting of Spiky Bulba at a Dunkin' Donuts restaurant published around the time that the film was released.


Men in Black 3

When Agent J and Agent K arrived at Wu's Diamond Garden restaurant after hearing reports of his customers suffering from extraterrestrial intestinal worms, Agent K spotted Spiky Bulba served-up in a food dish in the kitchen. Recalling Boris the Animal's taste for Spiky Bulba, K furiously demanded to know who the creature was for and repeatedly slapped Mr. Wu in the face with the alien when Wu claimed not to know. After it was evident that Wu wouldn't talk, K gave Spiky Bulba back to the restaurant owner.

Not long afterwards, Boris arrived at the restaurant and consumed Spiky Bulba off-screen.

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