Kurion, a "good" Alien in it's adult stage.

Test Tube Aliens are a brand of toys invented by JKID Ltd and released by 4Kidz, Inc.


There were ten Aliens released, five good, five bad. The good Aliens escaped their dying home world of Nratuatuko in search of a new home, which was the planet Earth. They used the technology of their ancestors to revert themselves back to their pre-birth state and then searched the galaxy for a life form to restore them back to their adult stage and their former strength.

The evil Aliens were responsible for the destruction of Nratuatuko and pursued the five good Aliens throughout the Universe, determined not to let their quarry escape for good. However, in 2011, it was revealed that all of the Aliens were evil, including the "good" Aliens. The true good Aliens were in the Test Tube Aliens X series. The Aliens wanted to be marketed in test tubes so that they would appear to be dead, they would be thrown into a bin, so that they could take over the rivers and seas of the Earth. This was followed by the release of the Test Tube Aliens: Pure Evil series, with six "pure evil" Aliens[1].


The actual toys are packaged in plastic which contains an infant Alien sealed inside a white cocoon sealed within a clear test tube. Once water is applied to the cocoon, it will start to dissolve, revealing the Alien infant. Soon after, the Alien's heart, which is a system a blinking lights that blink, will begin to beat. Hence, the Alien is "alive".

During the first few days of existence, the Alien must be fed with a white powder known as Sloog. After the feeding is complete, the Alien will survive on plain tap water. In order for the Alien to remain "healthy", it must to kept in twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness each day. If left to long in the light, the Alien's heartbeat will start to speed up. If left to long in the dark, the Alien's heartbeat will start to slow down. The Alien will also tell you if the water level in the test tube is to high by flashing green, and if the water level is to low by flashing orange.

If the Alien is not treated right, the toy will die and become useless, some Test Tube Aliens have been known to survive for up to seven to nine months in total[2]. The Alien will also interact with the currently offline Test Tube Aliens website where users can induce the Alien into a coma or panic mode. The Alien's age and health can also be checked.


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