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A Tommyknocker in the film.
Natural weapons/powers: Ability to drain the life from humans
Status: Deceased
Media information
First appearance: The Tommyknockers

Tommyknocker is the nickname given to the Alien species from Stephen King's novel, The Tommyknockers and in the film. They are a race of hostile and grotesque Extraterrestrial beings that return to life by draining the life from humans, unlike the version from the novel. The process of draining the life from humans causes the Tommyknockers to gain a more human-like appearance.


It is still unknown if the Tommyknockers are a genuine Alien species or simply victims of an Alien gas that can turn individuals of another species into Tommyknocker-like creatures. The effects of their Alien gas have been witnessed in the late twentieth century in New England. Exposure to the Alien gas can result in the inhaler mutating into a Tommyknocker, a process that they call "the becoming". The inhaler's teeth will begin to fall out and their blood will turn green as their skin becomes transparent. The inhaler's sexual features will also start to fade. After a period of time exposed to the gas, the inhaler will become unable to survive anywhere outside of the gases influence. Smaller creatures such as animals may be mutated, but not survive the gas.

The Tommyknockers are humanoid in appearance. But, are taller than an average human due to their unnaturally tall legs. Their faces are somewhat dog-like with sharp teeth and small black eyes. Like most commonly described "real" Alien encounters, the Tommyknockers have large extended heads which may indicate that they have a large brain or cranium. Their skin is transparent and they have spikes on their shoulders. Their appearance somewhat slightly resembles that of an immature Colonist.

One Tommyknocker ship crash landed on Earth due to a flight that had broken out among it's pilots. The ship was piloted by the mental control of some of the more low-ranking Tommyknockers. The ship remained buried for centuries until it was exposed to Earth's atmosphere and released its gas. Hence, starting the Tommyknocker process[1].


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