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Travis Walton abduction
Walton abduction animated.GIF
Rendering of Travis Walton's alleged abduction.
Date November 5, 1975
Location Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, Arizona
Notable eyewitnesses Travis Walton
Alleged alien(s) involved Zeta Reticulans
Status Credible

The Travis Walton abduction was an alleged alien abduction involving a logger named Travis Walton on November 5, 1975.



Travis Walton claims that he and his friends were driving home in a truck one night and saw a bright light coming from the forest. Walton and his friends stopped their truck and Travis got out of the vehicle to investigate the strange light. A large beam of light shot from the vehicle and onto Walton, which caused him to pass out. Walton's friends watched in horror, as they were worried that the beam of light might have killed him. Travis' friends soon drove away and left him.

Walton claims that he awoke from the light and thought that he was in a hospital, until he noticed that the beings standing above him were not human and he was not in a hospital. Walton then noticed that the "creatures" could be (and were most likely) grey aliens. The creatures began to examine Walton shortly before putting a mask over his head.

Travis Walton later woke up in the forest where he had been abducted earlier, but he was wearing his clothes on backwards. This was an obvious sign that his clothing had been removed during his alleged encounter with the aliens. Walton originally thought that he had been missing for only five hours. However, Walton later learned that he was missing for five whole days. Walton later reported his abduction and had his boss draw an illustration of what the creatures that abducted him looked like.[1] His drawing showed a seemingly average depiction of a grey alien wearing a jumpsuit-like uniform.[2]

Cultural impact

An alien as seen in the 1993 film Fire in the Sky.

The Travis Walton abduction inspired a 1993 horror film titled Fire in the Sky. The film was based on the actual abduction of Walton, only the aliens in the film were exaggerated and given a more frightening appearance. The aliens also slept in suits and masks which had cables attached to the walls. The abduction probing scene was also added to the film for more suspense. In the film, Walton himself only remembered the aliens placing the mask over his head before he woke up near a gas station.

Travis Walton's abduction story has been featured in several alien and UFO research documentaries, such as the DVD Dreamland based on Area 51 and the five-DVD set The Alien Files: UFOs Under Investigation.


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