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Hello, this is Technomitesrawsme. I have been quite absent from the subject wikis I am a part of, but I want to have more of a presence in them.

Who I am...

I am a college student aiming for a Theater Performance major and I live near the Mid Atlantic Seaboard. My hobbies include gaming, movie watching, and walking my pets.

What gets my interest in extraterrestials...

I have watched a lot of movies and TV shows related to aliens. Such movies include Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Escape from Planet Earth, and Independence Day. Such TV shows I've watched are Alien Mysteries and countless UFO and USO shows.

I don't believe all aliens are out to get us. Hollywood seems to go on the destructive route and makes aliens look aggresive. Like in many movies and TV shows had showed me, I would think extraterrestials would be more curious in us than anything. If we think from their point of view, we are just as alien to them as they are to us.

However if I had a first up close encounter, it would depend on what mood I'd be in. There would be of course be fright, since it might not be the Greys I might see that everyone knows about. Another approach would depend on what the extraterrestial was doing. If it is not harming me, I would not harm it. I've had a lot of experience with wild animals, and I know some ways to not startle them. So, if I do encounter an extraterrestial, I would try to give it enough room, respect, and space as possible and make very slow movements as if I was trying not to scare it, just as if I was trying not to scare a close encounter with a wild animal.

My experiences...

In terms of a UFO sighting, I have seen one. I have been watching the skies from time to time and sometimes very frequently and can distinguish aircraft by their blinking beacon lights at the bottom. But the light I saw didn't have any and just dimmed in and out for a few seconds and disappeared. I could see the light was dimming out of something flat, so maybe it was the bottom of the craft.

In other encounters, there comes some more unknowns. I believe I could have seen an interdimensional being of some sort, that was in a shadow form. This happened when I was quite young, and even though memory can age and deform through the years, I still remember this as clear as it can be. My room is right above a sunroom, so I can literally open a window walk onto the roof of it. It was a little bit dark out and the dogs that I took care of were in the sunroom below me barking at something probably on the path, maybe a rabbit or a deer. 

Note - I have two windows in my room - One right above this sunroom and one right above some space  on the side of the house and is usually a good place to see what the dogs are barking at.

Yet, either if this was my own decision or a unknown force, I decided to look out of the window above the sunroom. I saw a light silhoutted humanoid figure standing there (about less than twelve inches away from the window). It stopped as if it had seen that it was spotted by me and then manuevered over to the left out of my sight.

My more recent experiences go from dreams that have almond black eyes in them, a somewhat reflective face in my window (though I couldn't find facial features and quite possibly another sighting where I spotted a reflective figure walk off to the right in the dark outside when I had my head lamp on.

What I do here...

I dont have any experience with formatting a Wiki page, and have since only had made minor edits to other Wikis I am part of, but I do hope to improve on it.

However, I do have experience with Photoshop Elements 4.0. I know how to seperate figures from backgrounds and/or deleting a background and making a simple background.

I hope to make myself more of a presence in the Wikis I am a part of, and also spreading some of my own knowledge to them.