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Xenomorph Drone
A Xenomorph Drone as seen in Alien vs. Predator.
Species: Xenomorph
Natural weapons/powers: Teeth
Acid blood
Status: Deceased
Media information
Portrayed by: Tom Woodruff, Jr
First appearance: Alien Resurrection
Last appearance: Alien vs. Predator

A Xenomorph Drone is a species of Xenomorph that serves as a soldier to a Queen and as a worker bee to a Xenomorph hive or race.


The first of the Drones made an appearance in the fourth film in the Alien franchise, Alien Resurrection as genetic Xenomorphs spawned from the cloned Queen that was spawned from Ellen Ripley, and later in one of the crossover films, Alien vs. Predator.

The Xenomorph Drones have the same role in the Xenomorph species as the Warriors, only the Drones have a more animal-like appearance. The difference being that the Warrior Xenomorphs have a more armor-like shell to their heads while the Drones have a smooth shell which is more like a thick skin. This also allows a Drone's skull detail to be seen up close, similar to that of the Lurker Xenomorph species.

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